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KENSINGTON – Kensington Public Library will host Ruth Axelrod who will present “A Gardener’s Winter Vacation” on Wednesday December 8th at 7pm. It will be a free virtual event open to the public.

Want to decorate for the holidays with live plants?

Explore the possibilities of traditional and innovative color combinations. Learn how to grow bulbs, choose perennials, and care for a ball and burlap tree for the holidays and beyond.

Ruth has presented seminars and workshops since becoming a Master Gardener volunteer in 2010 in Maryland. Before moving to New Hampshire, she took advanced training in ecological landscaping and gardening, organic gardening, pollinator attraction, composting, and stormwater management (including rain garden design). His passion is to educate people on

environmentally friendly landscaping and gardening, especially practices that help improve and protect the water quality of our streams, rivers, lakes and bays.

Ruth grew up in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains where she learned to love nature in all its forms. Her mother was an avid gardener who raised dahlias on the edge of the cliff in front of their house and gladioli in surplus WWII gasoline cans painted green.

Ruth is a retired university professor specializing in leadership, management and human behavior. When not gardening, she does a variety of volunteer work (including advice on leadership and organizational development for nonprofit organizations), reads, researches whatever appeals to her, and pursues many creative hobbies, including building a Second Empire Victorian dollhouse.

For more information on this event or for the Zoom link, email [email protected] or call 603-772-5022.



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