Wellesley makes noise about new quiet landscaping equipment


True story (not that I should have to stress it): I was sitting outside working on Swellesley Tuesday afternoon when the city’s announcement for its electric landscaping equipment hit my inbox. I started to read it and then at the right time noisy engines from work done in our neighborhood attacked my ears and brain from left to right and I was forced to move my operation inside to concentrate.

Word is that the Wellesley Public Works Department has dipped into its budget to acquire a riding mower and other battery-powered equipment to cut grass and do other landscaping on town lands. The equipment is part of a pilot program designed to help the city reduce emissions and noise levels from its DPW work.

Going green all the way, DPW’s Park and Tree division plans to add a solar panel to its equipment trailer to keep things charged.

Wellesley DPW Park & ​​Tree teams use battery-powered landscaping equipment to help reduce noise and carbon emissions. From left to right: Paul DePhillips, Asst. Superintendent, with Equipment Operators Ben Smith and Wally Caban (photo via Town of Wellesley).

Electric mowing is all the rage. The Mass Horticultural Society is switching to an electric lawn mower to replace its older commercial gasoline mower, which Mass Hort says produces as much pollution per year as 141 cars in normal annual use. Mass Hort is raising funds to purchase the equipment.

(Electric mowing creates rage for others. I met a friend who moved to a house in Natick with a garden bigger than his previous one and recharging and replacing the batteries to mow the whole lawn with it. his electrical equipment makes him sad outside.)

But as for the Wellesley DPW, its move is in line with the city’s climate action plan designed to reach net zero by 2050 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also supports DPW’s efforts to convert some municipal parks into “green zones” where all routine maintenance is performed with battery-powered electrical equipment and / or hand tools.

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