Warren Prewer of Launceston Horticultural Society Grows One of the Longest Carrots in Tasmania | Canberra weather


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Warren Prewer can claim one of the longest carrots ever grown in Tasmania, with the vegetable reaching 1.4 meters. A member of the Launceston Horticultural Society brought back the seeds after a visit to the UK. Before Mr Prewer and other members decided to try growing some and were going to register them for the company’s fall show before the coronavirus hit. “We’re going to see how it tastes, chop it and eat it,” he said. “There are several meals in it.” My goal next year will be a three-meter carrot. “Carrots aren’t the only large vegetable he has grown. He has also grown a pith to about 15 feet. kg and pumpkins up to 120 kg over the past five years. “You’re still looking to grow the most perfect or the biggest or the longest, I guess,” he said. ugly. “Everyone probably has these weird, ugly vegetables that no one will see, which is terribly unfortunate.” Launceston Horticultural Society president Noel Button said he was sure it was one of the longest carrots grown in the state. He said the company encourages novelty events for their seasonal shows as a bit of fun. “It’s pretty amazing … it would have to be a state record “, he said.” This should be one of the longest carrots grown in Tasmani e. ”Mr Button said the company was still deciding what to do in the absence of the show. The world’s longest carrot ever grown measured 6.245 meters by Joe Atherton in the UK in September 2016. Mr Prewer said he still has a long way to go to reach the world record. He said he struggled to grow carrots on his property, due to the heavy soil before it which weighed around 1.7kg. “It’s probably a bit disappointing when you see a picture of it [the world’s longest carrot] because the carrot is probably not much bigger than my physical carrot, but it has this very long, very thin root that lasts forever, “he said. I had a terra cotta pipe of about 1.2 to 1.3 m high, I filled it with soil and grew them in it. “



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