Tropical Gardening: Attend the 40th Annual Horticultural Show and Plant Sale February 28-29


We have had very strange weather this year, at least in Kaloko Mauka. It’s usually our dry winter season, but we had rains almost every day. Kona generally looks a bit dry, but this year it’s lush and green. From what we hear, the windward side is sunnier than usual. The old adage that Mars roars like a lion and leaves like a lamb may no longer be the norm.

This is the official month in which spring officially occurs. For plant lovers, it’s time to find some exciting new additions to homes and gardens. So for one stop, check out the Big Island Association of Nurserymen sponsored horticultural display and sale at Edith Kanaka’ole Stadium in Hilo on February 28-29.

It is the largest salon and sale on the island. Now in its 40th year, it promises a wide variety of flowering and fruit trees, orchids, air plants, succulents, shrubs and ground covers in Hawaii.

Expert nurserymen will also be there to answer your gardening questions. For more information about the event, you can contact Sean Spellicy at 966-7169 or [email protected]

Regardless of climate change, remember that every tree, shrub, ground cover, and even grass is essential for sequestering carbon, thereby reducing carbon dioxide which is the main cause of record high temperatures.

Landscaping with trees and shrubs also increases oxygen levels in the atmosphere. When we add more plants to our landscapes, we slow down the damage caused by global warming a bit.

Survey your home, garden, and community to see where we can increase vegetation. Chain link fences are ideal for supporting colorful flowering vines.

These gravel and ash beds could easily be dressed with attractive shrubs. Use your imagination to create a greener, more enjoyable living space.

Planters at this week’s show and sale are happy to help with your landscaping projects.

For more information, contact your UHCTAHR Master Gardener helpline. The phone number in Kona is 322-4893 and 981-5199 in Hilo.

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