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DuBOIS – The landscaping is an extension of the home to the outdoors and the “icing on the cake,” according to Beau Caldwell, owner of Landscape One at DuBois.

“And landscaping is important for your home because it extends your usable and enjoyable space outside,” said Caldwell, a fourth-generation landscape contractor. Landscaping can include almost any type of decorative or practical structure in a landscape, from walkways to fences to benches.

Caldwell said his great-grandfather founded the Johnston Nursery.

“My grandfather, Leo Wise, took over the business and I have worked for him over the summer since I was 12,” Caldwell said. “He (Wise) has been a major influence in my life.”

Landscape One has been a design / build company in DuBois for over 20 years, Caldwell said, and is focused on having complete control of the project from start to finish.

“We try to take care of every aspect of our projects ‘in-house’,” Caldwell said. “Over the years, I have focused a lot of effort on developing a team with the specialized skills to take charge of all aspects of our custom projects. We have also reinvested a lot of money in purchasing the right equipment needed to specialize in high end bespoke outdoor living space projects. We strive to always be customer-centric and the personalized project.

Caldwell said one of the easiest things homeowners can do to improve their landscaping on a budget is to clean up and mop up what’s already there.

“A lot of people don’t take care of the upkeep that comes with a well-appointed home,” Caldwell said. “If a person spends a little time each week tending to what’s there, it doesn’t become an overwhelming task, like pulling weeds, adding a new layer of mulch, or pruning overgrown shrubs. “

Caldwell said he’s always excited to keep up with the latest trends in landscaping and landscaping, and he and his employees spend the off season attending as many seminars and trade shows as possible.

“It’s our team members who make the difference,” said Caldwell. “Our team leaders each bring a unique set of skills that have enabled our business to grow. “

Locally, Caldwell said he was seeing a return to true landscaping craftsmanship – the use of natural materials rather than man-made products.

“We also started blending natural materials with man-made materials to create personalized, one-of-a-kind looks,” Caldwell said. “Outdoor living spaces continue to be extremely popular as people want to be more outdoors and spend time together. Whether it’s time spent around a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a patio or a swimming pool, the spaces allow us to spend quality time with family and friends.

The reasons people can hire a professional landscaper vary, according to Caldwell. Usually a client wants to do larger projects that require heavy equipment and a lot of manpower. Other reasons include the desire to ensure that a custom project is done correctly by an experienced crew for longevity.

Caldwell’s suggestion for people who think hiring a professional landscaper might not be within their budget is to make phone calls, get estimates, and research online previous work of a company.

“You might be surprised at what you can accomplish on a limited budget,” Caldwell said. “Other options are to divide the projects into phases. Do the first phase this year, then the following phases over the next few years. “

Caldwell said the DuBois area is fortunate to have many good professional landscaping companies.

“Some may be better suited to a certain project than others,” Caldwell said. “I would suggest people to ask around and check out their past work both online and in person. I am always available and happy to give advice and time to homeowners and other landscaping professionals. Knowledge sharing is very important to me. I want our industry to be viewed by the public in the most positive light possible. If that means helping another landscaping company with knowledge or resources, I’m always available. Working together benefits us all.

Caldwell offered suggestions for some of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make when landscaping their home.

Using the wrong scale“So many people, including landscaping professionals, create little landscaped beds around the house, fill them with too many small shrubs that are planted too close to the house,” Caldwell said. “The landscaped beds and plant material must be adapted to the size of the house. “

Plants are not placed correctlyCaldwell said that many times the plants are placed correctly for visual enjoyment from inside the house when looking out the windows.

“The landscaping should look good from the inside of the house and from the outside,” he said.

People buy plants that are not suitable for colder climates“A lot of the plants that are for sale in big box stores are grown in the south and shipped for sale here,” Caldwell said. “A lot of these plants don’t ‘overwinter’. Buying from local growers and nurseries will guarantee the hardiness of our climate.

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