Horticultural Fair in the Gulf


MMost people are aware of the World Expo that Dubai will host soon, but many may not be aware of another exhibition in the Middle East, this one hosted by Doha, Qatar.

The Doha horticultural exhibition was originally scheduled to take place this year, but has been postponed to 2023 due to the Covid-19 crisis.

First organized in the Dutch city of Rotterdam in 1960, Horticultural Expo aims to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, promote the development of the horticultural and landscape industry and accelerate global cooperation in the field. professional horticulture.

The most recent horticultural exhibition, Expo 2019, was held in Beijing under the theme “Live Green, Live Better” and showcased a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs from all over the world.

The theme of Doha 2023 is “Green Desert, Better Environment”, with the aim of informing and inspiring visitors on innovative solutions to mitigate desertification.

The exhibition has four sub-themes: modern agriculture, technology and innovation, environmental awareness and sustainability.
According to the website, the focus will be on urban and vertical agriculture, hydroponics and aquaponics, alternative energy sources and FoodPrint.

“By FoodPrint, we understand that the most immediate problem we face on a daily basis is safe access to healthy food,” the website states. “The acuteness of this question will attract a lot of public attention. We aim to focus on reducing food waste, encouraging healthy diets, supporting sustainable agriculture and a ‘start your own garden’ program.

Like much of the Gulf, Qatar is experiencing significant economic development and diversification, with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia prioritizing sustainability and food security.

As part of their broader food security plan, the UAE is building greenhouses to produce more fruits and vegetables locally, while vertical greenhouses and other agro-tech innovations are helping the region show its potential in the sector.

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