French Montana sued after dog was “violently attacked” gardener


Rapper French Montana is being pursued by a person who was allegedly attacked and bitten by his dog after the person arrived at his home to do landscaping work.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Montana is being sued in Los Angeles County courts by a man who says he was invited to the rapper’s home in 2019 to “perform landscaping services” at his Calabassas home. , in California. On November 3, the person claims to have been “violently attacked” by a dog that was prowling around the property.

In the file, the landscapers claim that the musician and his team “knew the dog was outside of its crate, and carelessly and without concern for the safety and well-being of the guests, allowed the dog, with propensities and known and predictable vicious physiognomies. , to roam freely, without cage and without security.

French Montana sued several times for dog bites in the past


Interestingly, the lawsuit repeatedly points out that the rapper was well aware of the dog’s meanness, and that’s because the Frenchman was sued for a similar proceeding in the past.

The landscaper says it was French’s responsibility to keep the pet or security dog ​​”under duress” on days and times when workers or guests arrived on his property. In addition, the alleged victim said the rapper “did not display a sign or take other steps to warn of the presence of a vicious dog.”

In the lawsuit, the person does not detail the seriousness of the injuries caused by the alleged bite, but claims that French Montana is “responsible and responsible for (his) pain and suffering” due to “personal and physical injuries”.

We do not know if it is the same dog belonging to French Montana.

French Montana sued after his dog was allegedly

If all of this sounds familiar to you, French Montana wawas continued several years ago for the exact same thing by a person working on their security system and a person cleaning their swimming pool. In 2019, a man said he was installing a security camera system at the rapper’s home when a dog named “Zane” violently “attacked and viciously” bit him.

The man said he knew the dog was kept in the field for the purpose of “guarding the premises” and that the French “encouraged the aggressive and vicious nature of the dog in order to make the dog a great risk and a threat to the dog. intruders”. Additionally, he claims Montana has failed to “let, tie, shackle or muzzle” the animal to ensure it doesn’t attack anyone working in the home.

Suspected victim claims French Montana KNEW the dog was dangerous!

French Montana sued after his dog was allegedly

Interestingly, in 2017, the founder of ‘Coke Boyz’ was sued by another person who was allegedly attacked by his German Shepherd, who was on the property doing his regular pool cleaning job. It should be noted that it is not clear if this was the same animal involved in all three cases or if the rapper has multiple watchdogs.

Either way, it seems like this is an ongoing issue for the rapper, and he will have to face this latest court case.

The case is ongoing.

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